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'''Creator of the Mix:''' [[User:Cap'n Derk|Captain Derk]]
'''Creator of the Mix:''' [[User:Cap'n Derk|Captain Derk]]

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Creator of the Mix: Captain Derk

Notes about the Mix: These tapes are essentially an aural time capsule. All of these songs link to events, people and encounters I've made during my first semester at college, hence the name. Part Two will be completed in May 2006.

So, im my mind, this is a prime example of using the tape as much more than something you jam into a boombox and listen to. It's a snapshot of a specific point in time, something that's fun to me now and will serve as a nostalgia piece a few years down the road.

Tape One, Side A

  1. The Thirteenth Floor ElevatorsYou're Gonna Miss Me (The Psychedelic Sounds of the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, 1967)
  2. Captain TractorThe Last Saskatchewan Pirate (East of Edson, 1995)
  3. Great Big SeaThe Night Pat Murphy Died (Play, 1996)
  4. Drums And TubaThe Mummy (Flatheads and Spoonies, 1999)
  5. They Might Be GiantsBirdhouse In Your Soul (Flood, 1990)
  6. KansasBringing It Back (Kansas, 1974)
  7. Silver ApplesOscillations (Silver Apples, 1968)
  8. WeenExactly Where I'm At (White Pepper, 2000)
  9. The Apples In StereoThe Rainbow (The Discovery Of a World Inside The Moone, 2000)

Tape One, Side B

  1. The Black CrowesHard To Handle (Shake Your Money Maker, 1990)
  2. PrimusWynona's Big Brown Beaver (Tales From The Punchbowl, 1995)
  3. ThreebrainWeeeeee! (Weeeeee!, 2001)
  4. BuzzcocksEver Fallen In Love? (Singles Going Steady, 1979)
  5. Les Cowboys FringantsEn Berne (Break Syndical, 2002)
  6. Pink FloydWish You Were Here (song):Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here, 1975)
  7. The Magnetic Fields100000 Fireflies (Distant Plastic Trees, 1991)
  8. MetricHustle Rose (Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, 2003)

Tape Two, Side A

  1. The Tea Party - Temptation (Transmission, 1997)
  2. Boston - More Than a Feeling (Boston, 1976)
  3. Blues Traveler - Carolina Blues (Straight On Till Morning, 1997
  4. Dragonforce - Heart Of a Dragon (Valley Of The Damned, 2003)
  5. Morphine - Thursday (Cure For Pain, 1993)
  6. Tenacious D - Tribute (Tenacious D, 2001)
  7. The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun (Abbey Road, 1969)
  8. Beastie Boys - Girls (Licenced To Ill, 1986)

Tape Two, Side B

  1. John Linnell - Illinois (State Songs, 1999)
  2. The Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You (The Magic Numbers, 2005)
  3. Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, 1998)
  4. Iron & Wine - Each Coming Night (Our Endless Numbered Days, 2003)
  5. Radiohead - Creep (Pablo Honey, 2003)
  6. Jellyfish - The Ghost at Number One (Spilt Milk, 1993)
  7. The Decemberists - The Mariner's Revenge Song (Picareqsue, 2005)