The Dirty Mac was a one-time British supergroup consisting of John LennonEric ClaptonKeith Richards and Mitch Mitchell. Lennon suggested the group together for the TV special devoted to The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. The recordings took place on 10 and 11 december 1968. This was the first time that Lennon, was acting without the other members of The Beatles, the Group of which he at that time still part. The Dirty Mac recorded a rendition of the Beatles ' "Yer Blues written by Lennon" and Yoko Ono and accompanied violinist Ivry Gitlis when created from a jamsession Re Blues (mostly rich blues number across which Ono vocal improvised) that later was called "Whole Lotta Yoko". The name of the Group was created by John Lennon and was a play on "Fleetwood Mac", at that time a very popular group in the United Kingdom.

In 1996, the album The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus released along with a video recording of the performance. In 2004 followed an Edition on DVD.

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