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The Family Way is a soundtrack recording composed by Paul McCartney, released in January 1967. The album is the soundtrack to the 1966 film of the same name. The album was released under the name The George Martin Orchestra, The Family Way (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

The Family Way won an Ivor Novello Award in 1967 and was remastered and released on CD in 1996 with new musical compositions not on the original 1967 soundtrack album..

Following a 2003 CD reissue in mono, in 2011 a new remastered version of the soundtrack was released by Varese Vintage that featured the original 1967 score by Paul McCartney in the original sequence, remastered from the original first generation stereo master tapes, and included the unreleased stereo mix of "A Theme From The Family Way" as a bonus track, which had appeared originally as the B side of the 1966 UK/US 7-inch single by the Tudor Minstrels.

Track Listing[]

1967 Original Soundtrack[]

  1. 1st Movement
  2. 2nd Movement
  3. 3rd Movement
  4. 4th Movement
  5. 5th Movement
  6. 6th Movement
  7. 7th Movement
  8. 8th Movement
  9. 9th Movement
  10. 10th Movement
  11. 11th Movement
  12. 12th Movement
  13. 13th Movement

1996 Re-Release[]

  1. Variation No. 1
  2. Variation No. 2
  3. Variation No. 3
  4. Variation No. 4
  5. Variation No. 5
  6. Variation No. 6
  7. Variation No. 7
  8. Variation No. 8
  9. Variation No. 9
  10. Hymn To The Child/L 'Hymne A L'Enfant/Reminiscences/Double-March
  11. Theme
  12. Variation I
  13. Variation II
  14. Variation III
  15. Variation IV
  16. Variation V
  17. Capitaine Bonhomme
  18. Le Pirate Maboule
  19. Sol Et Gobelet
  20. Grujot Et Délicat
  21. Monsieur Suprise
  22. Children Of Sarajevo/Les Enfants De Sarajevo