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Founded: 1983

Headquarters: Olkahoma City, OK

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Band Members[]

  • Wayne Coyne
  • Michael Ivans
  • Steven Drozd
  • Mark Coyne
  • Richard English
  • Nathan Roberts
  • Jonathan Donahue
  • Ronald Jones

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Band Biography[]

When the Flaming Lips started, they were a more experimental Avant-Rock group, with lots of interest in punk and noise and Noise Rock music. They built up a following, which lead to them being signed by the major label Warner Brothers, where they had a hit with "She Don't Use Jelly". After that album, they changed direction to a more lush, though still experimental form of music, influenced by psychedelia of the 1960s, which solidified their following and critical acclaim. They are putting a new record out shortly.




  • "The Flaming Lips"
  • "Drug Machine"
  • "Due To High Expectations... The Flaming Lips Are Providing Needles For Your Balloons..."
  • "Fight Test"
  • "Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell"


  • "Unconcsiously Screamin'"
  • "Yeah I Know It's A Drag... But Wastin' Pigs Is Still Radical"
  • "She Don't Use Jelly"
  • "Turn It On"
  • "Bad Days"
  • "This Here Giraffe"
  • "Brainville"
  • "Race For The Prize"
  • "Waitin' For A Superman"
  • "Do You Realize??"
  • "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1"
  • "The Golden Path" (with Chemical Brothers)
  • "Mr. Ambulance Driver"
  • "The W.A.N.D."

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