"The Future" is a song from Prince's 1989 Batman soundtrack, and the final single released from the album.[1] The single was not the album version, but a remixed version by William Orbit. "The Future" was released as a single only in Europe. The standard European 7" single was backed with the album version of "Electric Chair", but on the maxi-single, "Electric Chair" was also remixed by Orbit. Orbit's remix of "The Future" is house-inspired, whereas Prince's original is minimalistic. Orbit substituted a muted, pulsating beat in place of the original elements of Prince's song. Orbit also removed Prince's original bassline, synthline, and snippets of sampled dialogue. This would be the last time Orbit would work with Prince for several years. In most countries, neither "The Future" nor its B-side were a hit on the pop or dance floors. The single peaked at #9 in the Dutch charts.

The LP version of "The Future" features the sampled strings of Clare Fischer lifted from the then-unreleased 1986 track "Crystal Ball", and samples the Sounds of Blackness choir. The song is rather menacing, evoking the theme of the film. The lyrics speak of a bleak future, recalling Gotham City, and that it needs "spirituality that will last".

"Electric Chair" was recorded well before the album concept had begun, being cut in June 1988. Despite this, it fits well into the theme of the film and evokes the Joker's madness. The track blends hard rock and funk with a loud, boomingdrum machine pattern, and aggressive bass and lead guitar wailing throughout. The bridge combines a funky, percussive bass line with a meshed guitar synth phrase.

Charts[edit][edit | edit source]

Chart (1990) Peak


Swiss Singles Chart 15
Dutch Singles Chart 9
German Singles Chart 39

Track listings[edit][edit | edit source]

7" single
  1. "The Future" (remix edit) – 3:30
  2. "Electric Chair" – 4:13
12" / CD single
  1. "The Future" (remix) – 6:25
  2. "Electric Chair" (remix) – 5:36
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