"The Good Life" is a song from The New Power Generation's 1995 albumExodus. The song is a funk offering with lead vocals by Sonny T. The lyrics focus on elevating yourself from negative situations through education, and to keep positive until the good life arrives. The lyrics also namecheck Marcello Mastroianni, who starred in the 1960 film, La Dolce Vita(also mentioned in the song), which loosely translates to "the good life" in Italian.

The CD single and CD maxi-single were released in Europe with multiple remixes of "The Good Life" and "Get Wild". Of note is one mix called the "Big City Remix", which is delivered in a rap by Prince. The remix bears little resemblance to the original track - the all new lyrics offer many messages by Prince, often humorous in nature. Also included on the maxi-single is a previously unreleased track titled "Free the Music". On the track, Mayte delivers some brief lyrics over the "Big City Mix" music while samples of nearly every Exodus song are played throughout. The same concept was used for the track "2 Whom It May Concern", a B-side for several singles from the Love Symbol album.

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