The Lion Sleeps Tonight is a famous song written by Solomon Linda (original recording with The Evening Birds) and later covered by many others. The original song is taken from 1939, but the best known version, which by The Tokens, comes from 1961.


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"Mbube"(Zulu for" lion ") was originally recorded by Solomon Linda and The Evening Birds in 1939. "Mbube" became a hit throughout South Africa and sold about 100,000 plates around 1940. The song was so popular that the term "Mbube" was acquired as description for African a capella music.

Alan Lomax brought Pete Seeger in contact with the song, after which he with his group The Weavers covered the song live. After they had played numerous times during their performances, they took on their own version, called "Wimoweh".

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight[Edit]Edit


  • In an American commercial for children's Happy Hippo was Pat from Pat & Stan in which he sang the song. In one of the short movies of the television series Pat and Stan sang the song translated into Dutch (The Lion sleeps tonight) in a desert.
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