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Creator of the Mix: Rev. Syung Myung Me

Initial Notes About The Mix: This is one of a handful of mixes that I made that was just getting mp3s off my computer and onto CDs that I didn't actually have hard sources for and were also rare cuts. Um, I made these in high school, and I don't think they were ever really intended to be listened to as CDs. They're kinda terrible.


  1. Zard & Konishi Yasuharu - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  2. Zard & Konishi Yasuharu - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Remix)
  3. Pizzicato Five - Baby Portable Rock
  4. Pizzicato Five - Playboy Playgirl (Single Version)
  5. Shonen Knife - Huge Snail
  6. Megumi Hayashibara - Give A Reason
  7. Megumi Hayashibara - Fly Me To The Moon
  8. Megumi Hayashibara - Until Strawberry Sherbet (Dual Vocal)
  9. Mari Sasaki - Just Think Of Tomorrow
  10. Mari Sasaki - Downtown Dance
  11. Sex Machinegun - High Speed Samurai
  12. Alisa Mizuki - Happy Wake Up
  13. The JAMS - 3AM Impure Trance
  14. The JAMS - Viva Viagra!
  15. Mailbox - A Little More
  16. Mailbox - No Elbows
  17. Senior X - Tainted Love