The Magnets are a popular Japanese punk rock band that performed in the latter half of the 1980s. Their sound was influenced by such bands as the Japanese rock band, The Blue Hearts, The Clash and the Ramones.

Career[edit | edit source]

In 1986 Hoshikawa and Satoshi started an audition to find further members to establish a band. In May 1987 the band was born, but in 1988 Satoshi withdraws from all band activity and Kenjiro Yoshinari fills in for him by chnaging from drums to e-bass. Their first album, titled Searching for Truth, which was released through Captain Music, Nakamura appeared after starting bass playing for the band. This album was sound directed by Akihiko Goto. It included the singles Try My Limit and Gentry Look Out.

Try my limit (1989) was the most successful single released by The Magnets. It is a punk anthem, combining Japanese and English lyrics. The chorus declares "You can make seem, yeah, yeah."

In 1989 Ironfist Tatsushima left the band. Ebi is the successor, but one year later, he also leaves.

1992 the band performs under the alias Tokyo Damned with stage names instead of their citzien names.

However, several line up changes until 1994 that effected the band's acitivity and the band was on hiatus for seven years. On October 17, 2001, their fifth album A New Hope were released on Danger Clue Records. [1] After then, the band went on hiatus again. It's not known if they are still active or retired.

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