The Motivation is the debut mixtape from SB Records recording artist Kash Jones. It has currently been under production since June 2007. The album was released off SB Records on October 21, 2008. The album has already recieved much praise from the 2 street single "Ready 4 War" & "I'm Hott", the buzz singles "Go Ghost" & "On The Dro" and the smash single "Money Too Long" with Lil Wayne. The album has a total of 21 tracks. The album contains guestspots from Exampl, AJG, Espanto, Black Ice, J-Taz & Young Texas.

Track listingEdit

  1. I'm Hott
  2. Down
  3. Go Ghost
  4. I'm Too Fresh (Feat. Soulja Boy)
  5. Toliet Paper
  6. Big Money
  7. On The Dro (Feat. Young Texas)
  8. Gett'N Money (Feat. AJG)
  9. Money Too Long (Feat. Lil Wayne)
  10. Get Um Boi (Feat. J-Taz & Exampl)
  11. Ryder Muzik
  12. Watch Me Do It (Feat. AJG & Young Texas)
  13. Let's Rock Tonight (Feat. AJG, Exampl & Black Ice)
  14. Ready 4 War
  15. Ready 4 War Part 2 (Feat. Espanto & Exampl)
  16. Ima Beast
  17. Get Up (Feat. Exampl & AJG)
  18. B4 I Blew Up (Feat. AJG & Exampl)
  19. Outtro
  20. {Bonus} Cumin' Around Me (Feat. Exampl & DJ 909)
  21. {Bonus} Girlfriend (Feat. Exampl & Roc)
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