The Who are a rock band from London, England, formed by Roger Daltrey (lead vocals), Pete Townshend (lead guitar and backing vocals), John Entwistle (bass guitar) and Keith Moon (drums). The band currently consists of only Townshend and Daltrey, the only two surviving founding members.

They are notable for their hits "My Generation," "Who Are You?," "Won't Get Fooled Again," "Baba O'Riley" and "Pinball Wizard."

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The Who Sings My Generation (1965)

A Quick One (Happy Jack) (1966)

The Who Sell Out (1967)

Magic Bus: The Who on Tour (1968)

Tommy, A Rock Opera (1969)

Live at Leeds (1970)

Who's Next? (1971)

Quadrophenia, A Rock Opera (1973)

Odds and Sods (1974)

The Who by Numbers (1975)

Who Are You (1978)

Face Dances (1981)

It's Hard (1982)

Endless Wire (2006)

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