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Natasha Bedingfield's "These Words" video.

File:"These Words" - Natasha Bedingfield
File:"These Words" (US Version) - Natasha Bedingfield

These Words has two videos. The international music video features Bedingfield sitting at a table in her Spanish villa, frustrated by her inability to find inspiration to write a song. She is then seen walking through the villa in colorful outfits, surrounded by dancing chairs and multiple versions of herself. It concludes with Bedingfield scribbling in her notebook on the roof of her villa that leads her boyfriend to the front of her home.

The North American music video was filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in March 2005. The video begins with Bedingfield waking up next to a boombox, dressing, and leaving her home with the boombox. While performing on a beach, she kicks her boombox, which comes alive and begins to dance. The video concludes with Bedingfield arriving back home to a house full of dancing boomboxes. An alternate version of the North American video was directed by Jim Gable using much of the footage from the original.