Founded: 1982

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

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John & John formed in 1982, as part of the post-punk scene. Soon, they became known for their tape-backed live shows and their Dial A Song service. Their first album was released in Japan on a bootleg before it came out over here and sold very well, and their second album topped the College Rock charts, leading to them getting picked up by Elektra. They had a few hits, with "Birdhouse In Your Soul" and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)", and some minor successes with other singles like "The Guitar" and "The Statue Got me High", but Elektra dropped them after Factory Showroom. After that, they went out on their own, hopping from label to label, releasing music but retaining the rights. They won a Grammy for their scoring work on Malcolm in the Middle, and also score The Daily Show.

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These are the "Official" EPs; there are many other EPs that feature tracks culled from album tracks and other B-sides.


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