Thick as a Brick is a 1972 album from the British progressive rock band Jethro Tull. It was commercially a very successful album; It was the first album of the band that came in the United States at number 1 on the Billboard-album list. It is considered to be one of the highlights of the considered progressive rock.

The entire album consists only one song by a total of 45 minutes. Lyrics and music were written by Ian Anderson, the leader of this band. It is a concept album, to a poem by the fictional boy Gerald Bostock.

The first pressing of the LP had a cover that looked like a local newspaper [1and could be expanded to a 12-page tabloid. Later pressings looked to the eye is still the same, but could no longer be expanded to newspapers format.


[hide]*1 Lyrics


Although this album was intended as a parody of the concept album, Ian Anderson is a socially critical message with this album.

  • The album opens with the following rules, directed against the hippie culture:
I really don't mind if you sit this one out.
My words but a whisper-your deafness a shout!
I may make you feel, but I can not make you think.
Your sperm's in the gutter-your love's in the sink.
  • Later against the businessman:
We'll make a man of him, put him to trade,
teach him, to play Monopoly and how to sing in the rain.
  • Against the citizens:
"What do you do when the old man's gone-do you want to be him?
And your real self sings the song. Do you want to free him?
No one to help you get up steam,
and the whirlpool turns you ' way off-beam. "
  • The adolescents:
"Playing at the hard case,
you follow the example of the comic-paper idol,
who lets you bend the rules.


So, come on ye childhood heroes!
Won't you rise up from the pages,
of your comic-books, your super crooks,
and show us all the way.
Well, make your will and testament,
won't you? Join your local government.
We'll have Superman for president,
let Robin save the day. "


  1. "Thick As A Brick (Part I)"-22: 40
  2. "Thick As A Brick (Part II)"-21: 10
  3. "Thick As A Brick" (live in Madison Square Garden1978) ¹-11: 50
  4. Interview with Ian Anderson, Martin Barre and Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond ¹-16: 30

¹ Bonus tracks on the remastered version for the 25th anniversary in 1997.

Line up[Edit]Edit

Guest Musician:

  • David Palmer (arrangement for Orchestra)
  • unknown Orchestra


  1. Up Thick As A Brick -cover in newspapers form
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