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Artist: The Young Fresh Fellows

Date Released: 1989

Label: Frontier

Produced By: Conrad Uno


  1. This One's For The Ladies
  2. Still There's Hope
  3. Carrot Head
  4. Middle Man Of Time
  5. Wishing Ring
  6. New Old Song
  7. Rotation
  8. Taco Wagon
  9. Picture Book
  10. Lost Track Of Time
  11. Miss Lonely Hearts
  12. Deep, Down And Inbetween
  13. When I'm Lonely Again/One Day You Die
  14. Don't You Wonder How It Ends?


This is my favorite Young Fresh Fellows album, and the first with Kurt Bloch from the Fastbacks (at least, as a member of the band; he guested on The Men Who Loved Music). Almost every single track on here is in my top list of Young Fresh Fellows songs, particularly "Still There's Hope", "Wishing Ring" (the bridge on that one particularly...) and "Rotation". The videos from this album (for "Picture Book" (a cover of the Kinks song) -- featuring the entire band drumming along to the song on their own drum kits; and for "Still There's Hope", featuring the band on a stage in an empty room) are both excellent as well. "Deep, Down And Inbetween" is one of the surprisingly many Young Fresh Fellows that would translate well to pretty much any alt. country band. This one is definitely recommended! This would probably even be a good first album, although it isn't quite as funny as the earlier Young Fresh Fellows records. - Rev. Syung Myung Me