Label: Hello Sir!

Date Released: 2004

Produced By:


  1. Towers Were Wires
  2. Asymetrical Threats
  3. The Professor Burns Vegas
  4. I'm Tired of Paul McCartney
  5. See Carolina's Fastest Trees
  6. This Graceless Planet


I would like to proudly introduce you to Athens, GA’s newest label, Hello Sir! Records. Even though this is just their second release, they are already being dubbed as the new Dischord. Exciting for Athens, yes, but it’s going to take a few more releases before I believe all that. This three band split is definitely a good start though, showcasing three very, very good bands from the area. Whether you give into the hype or not, this is definitely worth your time:

1 & 2. Maserati – Smooth and sexy instrumental rock that sounds like a more exciting Six Parts Seven; full of tight rhythms that are layered with atmospheric guitar work.

3 & 4. Cinemechanica – The first song is another instrumental track similar to above, but much more punk-y and angular. The second song resembles early Q and not U.

5 & 6. We Versus the Shark – Self-proclaimed “calculator funk,” this band brings abrasive and complex post-punk meltdowns. Everything is as catchy as it is dissonant and features what I believe is three singers that are each fighting for center stage. Think Black Eyes with one female singer and slightly more accessibility. Mpardaiolo