"Together We Are Beautiful" was a popular single by Fern Kinney.

Written by Ken Leray and produced by Caron Whitsett, Wolf Stephenson and Tommy Couch, "Together We Are Beautiful" was originally recorded by Steve Allen in 1979 and peaked at No.67 in the UK singles chart. In the following year, the track successfully made it as a No.1 single in the UK for Fern Kinney. Originally a B-side to "Baby, Let Me Kiss You", the song was flipped after DJs picked up on it. The song made No.1 on the UK singles chart for a solitary week in March 1980.

In 2003, the song was sung by the main character, Ken, carrying out bar/landlord duties, in the opening episode of the first season of the BBC2 sitcom, Early Doors.

Chiwetel Ejiofor performs a version of this song for the movie Kinky Boots.

The song was used in a 2013 EDF Energy advert,[1] featuring the popular Keepon Zingy, introduced in 2012. In 1996, it was used in a Right Guard commercial featuring Tony Adams as a midget.

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