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Toy-Box is a Danish pop group formed in the 1990s. It consists of two members, both vocalists: Anila Mirza and Amir El-Falaki. Anila was born October 8, 1974 in Hillerød, Denmark to a half-Pakistani, half-Persian mother, and an Indian father. Amir was born August 12, 1973 in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1999, they had some success in the Scandinavian music charts with a bubblegum pop song from their album Fantastic, named "Tarzan & Jane".

Toy-Box's first album, Fantastic, included the hits "The Sailor Song", "Best Friend", "Super-Duper-Man", "Teddy-Bear" and "Tarzan & Jane". It was released in September 1999 and followed in 2001 by a second album, Toyride, which included fan-favorite songs "Www.girl", "Prince of Arabia" and "Wizard of Oz".

The group has broken up. Amir is working as a dance teacher, music video choreographer and trainer to F.C. Copenhagen's cheerleading team. Anila changed her name to Aneela and began a solo career, with limited success.[citation needed] When asked about another Toy-Box release, Aneela said, "I don't know, anything's possible."

Their song "Tarzan and Jane" is often mis-credited to Aqua, as is "Best Friend",[citation needed] due to the likenesses between the vocals of Anila and Lene Nystrøm Rasted, and Amir and René Dif. Toy-Box are occasionally mis-credited with the song "Butterfly" by largely due to distributions of the song on peer-to-peer networks being tagged as by the group.



  • Fantastic (1999)
  • Fantastic (Christmas Edition *RARE*) (2000)
  • Toy Ride (2001)


  • "Tarzan & Jane"
  • "Sailor Song"
  • "Best Friend"
  • "Teddybear"
  • "Superstar"
  • "WWW.Girl" (Promo)
  • "Www.girl/Best Friend" (Un-official)
  • "Tarzan & Jane" (Japan Import)

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