Typical Friday Night (TFN)

Typical Friday Night, from left to right: Jet Phynx, Brawdway Background information Origin Bear, Delaware, United States Genres Hip hop, electro hop, dance, R&B, alternative hip hop, pop rap, house Years active 2010–present Labels Wild Island ® Website


'''Typical Friday Night (TFN) is a two member North American Korean Pop/Hip hip boy and girl group formed in 2010. The band consists of two members: Jet Phynx (pronounced Jet- fee nix ) Rapper/songwriter and Brawdway a singer/songwriter. The name Typical friday night is referred as TFN.'

'''TFN integrates American Pop/Hip Hop music with hip-hop beats and Korean Pop dance culture. The duo is known for directing and editing their music videos along with designing and creating their stage wear and sets.'

'''TFN first appeared at 2012 Atlanta’s prestigious New Years Peach Drop as the opening act for Kansas. TFN has performed across the United States and Canada at Fashion Art Toronto and have been featured in several street style publications including Elle Canada and labeled Typical Friday Night as 'the next Black Eyed Peas. The fan club of TFN is called TFNers, Which is a reference to Typical Friday Nighters.'

'''TFN's first song "Jiggle it" was digitally released on June 5, 2012.  The music video was released on June 11, 2012 as an advertisement tool to introduce the duo to the world. On June 23rd, Jet Phynx revealed that TFN's debut song would be a hip-hop and electric dance song, and that it would be digitally released March 12 2013.Titled "Bout That Life", the song was written and produced

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Typical Friday Night

 by TFN, Pat "King Patrick"Kelly and Angelo "Doc" Velasquez. "BTL" song and video is now released on'''

''''''== Image ==''''''

''''''TFN crowned their style Popanese: American Pop Music infused with Korean and Japanese Street Style.''''''

'''== Influences =='''

'''TFN cited different group influences Black Eyed Peas and 2NE1. Brawdway cited Korean Singers 2NE1 as her main influence because of their powerful performances and vocals and Britney Spears. She listed pop and R&B as her favorite music genres. Jet Phynx states that his biggest influence is the famous entertainer The Artist Formally Known As Prince,Big Bang and looks up to the artists and Jay-Z as his role models'''


  • Jet Phynx (pronounced fee-nix)
  • Brawdway (pronounced Broadway)



Typical friday Night-Bout that life

Typical friday Night-Bout that life

  • NEXT LEVEL Self titled (non released)




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