Artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic

Album: UHF Official Motion Picture Soundtrack (And Other Stuff)

Appears On (Mixes): Robert DeNiro's Mole: The Best Of "Weird Al" Yankovic

Song Notes: This is the theme song to the movie of the same name. And, well, I absolutely adore this song. Al's originals are really outstanding; a lot of people don't give him credit for those, which is sad. They seem to think he only does parodies exclusively, but his albums are all about half-and-half, and I like the originals a lot—more than the parodies, sometimes! (Depends on the original and the parody, I suppose—like, say, rack up "Airline Amy" versus, say, "Eat It" and I don't even have to tell you which one wins.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me