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Dominic Thomas Junior (born February 14, 1998) known professionally as Uniquegodx is a Somali-Canadian Dj, Rapper,singer-songwriter. Based in Toronto, his music is noted for mixing genres. He sings in a variety of genres, including popr&b and Electronic pop. He’s most famous for his many collaborations and singles he released on the internet creating a fan base before he deleted it all and reforming himself as Uniquegodx. He grew up in america and was exposed to music at young age. He was producing and composing by the age of 9. later went to Somalia to understand the people. in which he said he wanted a make a positive change towards culturally.

Personal life[]

Uniquegodx was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.[1][2] He grew up in Broward CountyFlorida with his cousin where he got into music. Uniquegodx got immersed in art in an early age. He began singing at the age of 6, having been exposed to music at school as well as south Florida's hip hop/Rap scene.[2] Uniquegodx later returned to Somalia in order to understand and strengthen his ties to his mother's native culture. He describes his time there as influential, having him grow as an Artist.[3] For his post-secondary studies, Uniquegodx attended the University of San Diego. He majored in Physics Studies (AMO).[2]


Uniquegodx followed an independent career path into the music industry. He initially collaborated with other artists. However, deleted all the released projects in a path to renew and focus on himself exclusively..[1]

Besides conventional mainstream marketing channels, Uniquegodx utilized social media as an important marketing tool. Releasing his songs on platforms such as YouTube, soundcloud, Facebook and other social networking sites, which helped him build a big fanbase. In Spring 2018 he released his first EDM album entitled Skrillxx is god: skies and melodies, a compilation of 8 songs. Which featured samples from famous internet clips and from the late rapper Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy XXXTentacion.

Uniquegodx's music is diverse, ranging from pop, to alternative rock, to R&B to Emo rap. The diversity in his music comes from his taste in music and his influences which includes Kurt Cobain, who he cited as his biggest inspiration, The Weeknd, Tupac Shakur, Cage the Elephant, The Fray, Papa Roach, Blue Hearts, Skrillex, Three Days Grace, Gorillaz, and Coldplay. When speaking on his influencers, Uniquegodx said, "I'm really into every genre, I listen to everything, i just don't stop". Uniquegodx's vocal style has been described as fine-tuned, displaying "emotional vulnerability" on some tracks and replicating screaming and much more aggression on other tracks.[2] His lyrics are described as versatile, focusing on matters of interest to him and the Somali community. Although most Somali artists sing in the Somali language for a primarily Somali listening base, Uniquegodx chose to release songs in both English and Somali language in order to reach a broader, international audience.[3]

Singles by Uniquegodx include "Addicted to love", "Sun of serpent" and "Falling".[3].[4]

Uniquegodx's main musical influences include Kurt Cobain.[1] He also admires the work of No Rome for its uniqueness and oriented lyrics.[3]


  • Skrillxx is god: skies and melodies, album (2018)
  • Sincerely, Itwillneverbeenough (2020)
  • "Addicted life ft AJNA"
  • "Sun of a serpent"
  • Oh! My(beautiful) Pt. 1
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