"Uptight (Everythings Alright)"is a song by Stevie Wonder. It was in november 1965 by Tamla Records, a sub-label of Motown, released as single , with the b-sidewritten by Ted Hull "Purple Rain Drops". After the number one hit "Fingertips" in 1963 did the miracle at first not that success to match. The songs written for him not to beat and to make matters worse, he was given the beard in the throat. But when Sylvia Moy heard him play a riff , she made there in collaboration with Henry Cosby"Uptight (Everythings Alright)" by. [1with a third place in the Billboard Hot 100 and a first place in the American rhythm and blues chart for this song meant a revival of wonder's success. In the UK Singles Chart , the single the fourteenth place. [2]

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UK Singles Chart[Edit]Edit

Chart positions in the UK Singles Chart:
Week: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 -
Position: 40 31 26 18 14 18 24 30 47 49 from
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