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I took over this wiki (which was blank) in July of 2005 with a keyboard and a dream. I don't even come close to thinking of myself as a exemplary writer, but I love to explore and contemplate music. I try to listen, read and learn about as much music as I possibly can on a daily basis to expand my musical knowledge, and I enjoy sharing what I learn with other people. I had a radio show for three years on WUSC-FM Columbia and was music director of the station during my senior year at USC. I would love to get back into radio, though it would have to be either internet, public or some kind of non-mainstream format where I would have control of what I played. My object in starting this wiki was to simaltaneously have an outlet for myself to improve my writing, deducing and evaluating skills as well as leaving it open to like-minded people to do the same. So, somewhat selfishly, I can contribute and learn at the same time. I love reading critical sites like Pitchfork and Dusted Magazine among others, but never felt like my writing skills were adequate to contribute myself. With a site like this, I can write, revise and let other people improve on it whenever needed. And in turn a constantly growing and evolving music library is created, of which would be unparalleled if a significant number of people contributed their respected knowledge (in the same way the idea of an encyclopedia was gigantically expanded on by Wikipedia). Everybody wins.

I live in the Lakeview area of Chicago. Recently graduated from University of South Carolina with Media Arts degree; currently looking for an enjoyable job.

I'm also the music director at WLUW

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