Red Eyed Copycat

  • I live in The USA. :D
  • My occupation is Lordepedia Chief Vandalism Remover, Collider, MBer, Wikian
  • I am A boy
Justin W. Copycat
Age Teenager
Favorite Song Bravado
Favorite Artist Lorde
Specialty Templates, Infoboxes

Well hey there!

Welcome to my profile page! My name is Justin Copycat, and I really love music! I live in America and have always loved categorizing and gathering information. When I found Wikia, I was just overjoyed! Now I can put my talents to use. :D

My SpecialitiesEdit

I am very good at coding when it comes to the basics, but when it comes into the complex region, I am very good when it comes to infoboxes, templates and tables. If you have a question about any of these categories, just leave a message at my wall!!


I really love music by Lorde. She has a great voice, and even though her songs make absolutely no sense, they have a awesome tune and beat. My current favorite of hers is Bravado.

I also love OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons.

When it comes to video games, I love Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

Thanks for coming to my profile!!! :D

-Justin W. Copycat

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