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Greetings, fellow Musicians!

My name is X~Calibur and I'm a former administrator of this wiki. Although I do check this site occasionally, I do not expect myself to become active in the near future. If you need help around here, you should contact the following users instead:

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You may alternatively contact me in the Age of Empires Series Wiki where I'm most active.

Favorite Music Genre[]

I appreciate all forms of music. However, if I have to choose an absolute favorite, it would have to be Classical Music composed from 1800-1900 CE. Like wine, the older the music, the better it is; at least starting from 1800 CE.

  1. Romantic - Influenced by Romanticism.
  2. Ragtime - Precursor to Jazz.

Favorite Con Artists[]

Good artists copy, great artists steal,” ~ Pablo Picasso

  • Frederic Chopin – Only real pianists know how to play his stuff properly.
  • Franz Liszt – This dude is literally the BOSS!
  • George Gershwin – An absolute favorite American icon of music.
  • Scott Joplin – Same as above, only that he is the King of Ragtime. Yes, he was the King even before Michael Jackson!



Franz Liszt - Transcendental Étude no.12-1

My favorite from Franz Liszt. I'm currently practicing this one right now.


Grande Polonaise Brillante, Op. 22 CHOPIN

My favorite from Frederic Chopin.


Fantaisie-Impromptu (Opus 66) - Frederic Chopin Piano Tutorial (Synthesia)

Hardest piano piece I can play from memory. I played this in the high school talent show before at one point, but it’s been many years so I’m a little rusty. Even at that time, I still can’t play as good as this.


Circus Galop on MIDI Trail

For some reason, this crazy composition sounds like something you would hear in Spongebob Squarepants.


Russian Rag - Piano roll QRS 100870

I really like old timer music like this one, no kidding.