• I live in a random location in the middle of nowhere.
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  • I am very random.
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Greetings, fellow Musicians!

My name is X~Calibur and I'm a former administrator of this wiki. Although I do check this site occasionally, I do not expect myself to become active in the near future. If you need help around here, you should contact the following users instead:

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You may alternatively contact me in the Age of Empires Series Wiki where I'm most active.

Favorite Music Genre Edit

I appreciate all forms of music. However, if I have to choose an absolute favorite, it would have to be Classical Music composed from 1800-1900 CE. Like wine, the older the music, the better it is; at least starting from 1800 CE.

  1. Romantic - Influenced by Romanticism.
  2. Ragtime - Precursor to Jazz.

Favorite Con Artists Edit

Good artists copy, great artists steal,” ~ Pablo Picasso

PlayLiszt! Edit

Franz Liszt - Transcendental Étude no

Franz Liszt - Transcendental Étude no.12-1

My favorite from Franz Liszt. I'm currently practicing this one right now.

Grande Polonaise Brillante, Op

Grande Polonaise Brillante, Op. 22 CHOPIN

My favorite from Frederic Chopin.

Fantaisie-Impromptu (Opus 66) - Frederic Chopin Piano Tutorial (Synthesia)

Fantaisie-Impromptu (Opus 66) - Frederic Chopin Piano Tutorial (Synthesia)

Hardest piano piece I can play from memory. I played this in the high school talent show before at one point, but it’s been many years so I’m a little rusty. Even at that time, I still can’t play as good as this.

Circus Galop on MIDI Trail

Circus Galop on MIDI Trail

For some reason, this crazy composition sounds like something you would hear in Spongebob Squarepants.

Russian Rag - Piano roll QRS 100870

Russian Rag - Piano roll QRS 100870

I really like old timer music like this one, no kidding.

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