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there's been a lot of stuff going on. Everyday that i go to school i always get a good feeling about me and this boy named Mario Hughes. He is now my boyfriend , and i love him with all my heart and he does tooo. its just that when we want alone time together someone is always cockblockin our love.

Everyday in the morning Mario (which is my bae) comes  and knocks on my door so that i can walk to school with him. Usually i don't be finished getting dresssed or getting myself together, but i alwways tell him i'll be out in a minute.

When i come out the  door Mario always talks to me, hugs me, and sometimes kiss me on the cheekor as we like to kiss on the mouth which feels sexy.

As soon as me and Mario get to school we get breakfast, and then we always sit together.But when we always go to recess were always playing with each other and theres nothing that anyone could about it because we wont let anyone breeak us apart and thats how strong our love is.Everytime im sad or lonely,Mario always comes and talks to me or he'll give me kisses and he  sometimes carries me to make me happy.

I always thought that me and Mario had a wonderful relationship, especially when he makes me feel sexy most of the time when i'm at his house, and i would love our relationship to saty that way because we want a loooooong relationship and we don't ever wanna break that