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Victor Jory (Dawson CityYukonnovember 23, 1902 - February 12, 1982) was a Canadian actor.

Before he made his debut in Hollywoodin 1930, was active in an itinerant theatre troupe, Jory in which he played a role in every now and then anoriginal production. His role was mostly a romantic character, but later he was usually cast in the role of villain. He appeared in 150 films and atelevision seriestientaln. Jory has also written two plays.

His most famous role is that of Jonas Wilkerson in Gone with the Wind from the novel by Margaret Mitchell. Jory was a well-known wrestler and boxing champion during his military service. Are sturdy figure he has always retained.

For his contributions to the film industry Victor Jory has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame gotten.