Vision Valley is the third studio album by Australian rock band The Vines. It was released on April 1st of 2006 on Capitol. This is the first record by The Vines to not feature Patrick Matthews. The album released four singles, two promotional and two retail. The album only lasted for one week on charts.

Background and RecordingEdit

After former bassit Patrick Matthews left in 2004, The Vines decided to record the album with a temporary bass player. This temporary session member was Andy Kent. The album was recorded between July to November of 2005 at many places including Jesus Burger and such. The album was produced by Wayne Connolly and was released on April 1 of 2006. The album peaked to No. 136 on charts for only one week and slipped completely off charts. On some editions of the album, it contained a DVD that includes music videos.

Track listingEdit

  1. Anysound
  2. Nothings Coming
  3. Candy Daze
  4. Vision Valley
  5. Don't Listen To The Radio
  6. Gross Out
  7. Take Me Back
  8. Going Gone
  9. Fuk Yeh
  10. Futuretarded
  11. Dope Train
  12. Atmos
  13. Spaceship

Limited Edition Bonus DVDEdit

  1. Highly Evolved
  2. Get Free
  3. Outtatheway!
  4. Homesick
  5. Ride
  6. Winning Days
  7. Gross Out
  8. Studio Walkthrough With Wayne Connolly


Four singles were released, two retail, two Promotinail. "Gross Out" and "Dope Train" we're both promotional only, both having music videos, also. "Don't Listen To The Radio" was the first retail single to be released. "Anysound" was the second, being released later in the year of 2006. "Dope Train" was promotional only, and was released on 2007.


The Vines are-

  • Craig Niccoals - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Keys and Bass on "Futuretarded"
  • Ryan Griffiths - Guitar, Keys, Percussion and Backing Vocals
  • Hammish Rosser - Drums, Percussion, and Backing Vocals

Other Musicains -

  • Andy Kent - Bass
  • Tim Kevin - String Arrangements, Organ and Piano
  • Nic Dalton - Electric Madolin
  • Amanda Brown - Violin
  • Rown Smith - Violin
  • Sophie Glasson - Cello


  • Wayne Connolly - Producer, Mixer, and Recorder
  • Dan Clinch - Additional Engineering
  • Anthony The - Additional Engineering
  • Veit Mahler - Additional Engineering


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