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Founded: 1979

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Website Link(s): Wall Of Voodoo Stan Ridgway




Band Members[]

  • Stan Ridgway
  • Marc Moreland
  • Bruce Moreland
  • Chas T. Gray
  • Joe Nanini
  • Andy Prieboy
  • Ned Leukhardt

Includes Members of[]

  • Drywall
  • Black Randy and the Metro Squad

Band Biography[]

A New Wave group formed by a bunch of musicians who would hang out at Stan Ridgway's music studio and play with his collection of strange instruments. They had a cool sound based partially around the drum sound -- a drum machine running to keep the beat, while Joe Nanini played live, complex percussion over it. Their most successful single was "Mexican Radio", though they had some mild successes with songs like "Ring Of Fire". After Call of the West, Stan Ridgway left the band, and was replaced with Andy Prieboy. Marc Moreland and Joe Nanini have both died in the 2000s.



  • Dark Continent
  • Call of the West
  • Seven Days in Sammystown
  • Happy Planet
  • The Ugly Americans in Australia
  • Index Masters


  • Wall Of Voodoo


  • Mexican Radio b/w There's Nothing On This Side
  • Big City b/w Room With A View
  • Far Side of Crazy b/w Wrong Way To Hollywood and Dance You F*#%ers
  • Do It Again b/w Back In The Laundromat and Far Side of Crazy
  • Elvis Bought Dora A Cadillac b/w Shouldn't Have Given Him A Gun For X-Mas

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