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We're All Nighters is the 2002 album by solo musican Liam Lynch. It was originally released on Compact Disc in December 15, 2002, but soon went out-of-print. It was eventually Digitaly reissued on iTunes and Amazon MP3 on March 25, 2008.


The original recording session for it lasted between midnight to six in the morning. That is way the album was titled We're All Nighters. The album was originally released on December 15, 2002 on CD and was sold through the website for Liam Lynch's television project Sifl & Olly. It eventually became out-of-print. The album's digital re-release was announced on the Lynchland episode "Veiwer Fanmail 10". During the episode, Liam mentioned that he would make two releases for 2008, and that one of them would be a reissue of We're All Nighters. The album was re-released on March 25, 2008. The album was reissued during the same time as the released of Liam's 2008 album, Get Up on the Raft. The tracks "Try Me" and "Cuz You Do" would later be re-recorded for Liam's 2003 album, Fake Songs.

Track Listing[]

  1. Try Me
  2. Saterday
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Cuz You Do
  5. Shady
  6. Triggered
  7. Show Me You Love Me
  8. Tired But Walking
  9. Amazed, Amazed
  10. London Morning
  11. Any Girl in the City
  12. Butter Rum
  13. All You Ever Wanted
  14. House of Cards
  15. The Run Around
  16. Make Me Want to Say It
  17. Victor
  18. Road to Heaven
  19. Soul on the Outside
  20. Rise
  21. We're All Nighters