Artist: Foxhole

Date Released:

Label: Selah

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It does not take a diehard music follower to notice that post-rock has been on decline lately, in popularity and in number of bands. The kids today have replaced their hooded sweatshirts for dancing shoes. I blame television for the degradation of attention spans, because who wants to listen to an hour long brooding epic when you can hear 20 minutes of art spazz? Why I do understand the appeal of the spazz, I also understand the need for drawn-out instrumental ballads to sit back to and contemplate on a grey winter’s day. Well at least Louisville’s Foxhole is on my side, and shit, they traded in their dancing shoes for those winter shoes that look like tennis rackets. We the Wintering Tree is the epitome of the ethereal post-rock that you have come to love in the past decade or two. It’s hypnotic, it’s reflective and I’ll be damned if it is not meandering and dramatic as ever. Just take a look at the solid white art work, or their fantastic website, this is post-rock at its winter-y best. And this is the genius part, they have a trumpet player. A TRUMPET PLAYER! This is a first post-rock band I have come across with one, and it compliments the sound perfectly. It’s just one of those things that other similar bands are going to be kicking themselves in the ass for not thinking of. Anyhow, this is an excellent cd worth attention… bundle up and enjoy. Mpardaiolo