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Weezer is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1992. Since 2001, the band has consisted of Rivers Cuomo (lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards), Patrick Wilson (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Brian Bell (guitar, backing vocals, keyboards), and Scott Shriner (bass, backing vocals, keyboards).

Band Biography[]

One of the bands credited with founding the emo subgenre (not to be confused with Emo Phillips who also released records, but of a much, much different nature), Weezer's been around for quite some time. There have been some band lineup changes and public falling-outs (particularly between Rivers Cuomo and Matt Sharp). They're one of the rare bands with lots of hit singles as well as critical acclaim.

Band members[]

Current members[]

  • Rivers Cuomo - lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards (1992–present), rhythm guitar (1993)
  • Brian Bell - rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals (1993–present), keyboards (2000–present)
  • Scott Shriner - bass, backing vocals (2001–present), keyboards (2007–present)
  • Patrick Wilson - drums, percussion (1992–present), backing vocals (2007–present), keyboards, occasional lead guitar (2007–2012)

Current touring members[]

  • Karl Koch - keyboards, rhythm and lead guitar, bass, backing vocals (2010–present)

Former members[]

  • Matt Sharp - bass, backing vocals (1992–1998)
  • Mikey Welsh - bass, backing vocals (1998–2001; died 2011)
  • Jason Cropper - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1992–1993)

Former touring members[]

  • Bobby Schneck - keyboards, rhythm and lead guitar, bass (2000–2005)
  • Josh Freese - percussion, drums (2009–2012)
  • Daniel Brummel - rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards (2012–2014)



  • Everything Will Be Alright in the End (2014)
  • Weezer (White) (2016)
  • Pacific Daydream (2017)
  • Weezer (Teal) (2019)
  • Weezer (Black) (2019)
  • OK Human (2021)
  • Van Weezer (2021)

Compilation Albums[]

  • Death to False Metal (2010)
  • iTunes Originals – Weezer (2010)

Video Albums[]

  • Weezer - Video Capture Device: Treasures From The Vault 1991 - 2002 (2004)
  • Eli - (1904)