Artist: Gold Chains & Sue Cie

Date Released: October 12, 2004

Label: Kill Rock Stars

Produced By:


  1. Better Together
  2. Come to Call
  3. High Tide
  4. No Tomorrow
  5. California Nites
  6. Runaway
  7. Multifear
  8. Show Us Your Heart
  9. Crowd Control
  10. Stretch
  11. Shoot Straight
  12. The Heater


Though this is not the first time a boy/girl duo has gotten together to trade versus and share choruses that deal with the ups and downs of relationships, but When the World was Our Friend is not your Mates of State record. Conceived at a bus station, the album collaboration by Gold Chains (Topher Lafata) & Sue Cie (Sue Costabile) is a skirmish of rap, electro-clash, house and art-punk. Each song features the dirty beats that have graced the previous Gold Chains records, but this time around, they are a bit more accessible and punk-oriented. The male/female rhymes flow seamlessly, though sometimes coming off a bit corny, but for the most part are pulled off very well. Their styles compliment each other nicely. Though hailing from San Francisco, this album reminds me a lot of the British hip-hop scene and the Tigerbeat6 records. Its fun, so give it a spin. Mpardaiolo