Who Are You is the title song of the album "Who Are You", that in 1978 by the British rock band The Who was issued. This was the last studio-album, to which drummerKeith Moon took part. The song was written by songwriter-guitarist Pete Townshend and was also issued as a single with the other side a number of bassist John Entwistle, entitled "Had Enough", which also is on the album download.


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By far the most popular interpretation of the song text is about a meeting of Pete Townshend with the Sex Pistols, which saw him in a bar in Soho and greeted. Townshend however, was very drunk and could not identify who they were. Townshend was outside the bar awake and got drunk by a policeman found, which turned out to be a fanand him let go. The album version of the song has an extra verse in the text, while the single version is a lot shorter. To the reissue of the album in 1996, there was an extra number added, with a so-called "lost fresh" (lost verse). The second verse of this song is totally different, but otherwise the number remained the same as the album version from 06: 16 minutes. After the first two lines of the verse, is there by many fans speculated about the further text flow of the verse. It is virtually impossible to hear what Roger Daltrey sings, because the different sounds can be interpreted as different words. The song is quite unusual, because there are two times when Daltrey very clearly the word "fuck" sings (at 2: 15 and 5: 40; and on 4: 27 on the single version). Nevertheless, the number is often in its entirety played by classic rock radio stations.The expletives tegenstrijdigheiden caused because the Us television channel ABC broadcast a unchanged by The who's performance at Live 8 broadcast. [1]


promotion-video was filmed on May 9, 1978. The original plan was to miming, with the exception of the livevocals, by Roger Daltrey. However, it was decided that thedrum- guitar, and the piano part were re-recorded. Only John Entwistle's bass and synthesizer remained standing by the already recorded version. This version was later issued on the rockumentary "The Kids Are Alright". The video clearly demonstrates the State of health of Moon, which is suffering from overweight.

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