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Founded: 1977

Headquarters: Swindon, UK

Website Link(s): Official Site, Chalkhills

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Started originally as a punk band, XTC evolved, ending up a band known for their pretty melodies where they had once been known for their hiccupping vocals and angular guitars. The first album of the new direction was English Settlement, although they had been moving in that direction with Black Sea as well. They also recorded as The Dukes of Stratosphear, and Andy Partridge did a dub album of XTC songs as Take Away/The Lure Of Salvage by Mr. Partridge. They went on strike in 1992, when Virgin recalled the single of "Wrapped In Grey", and were finally released from their contract in 1997. They formed a new label called Idea after that.

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Further Reading[edit | edit source]

  • Chalkhills songs resource - Detailed pages on all XTC albums and songs. Almost all XTC lyrics on this site were copied from the Chalkhills pages.
  • XTC Idea Records Website - The official XTC website. Contains news straight from the band, an online store, lyrics (although not as complete a set as Chalkhills, oddly), and an active forum on which the band members are active (they answer a few questions posed by fans every month or so).
  • XTC4U - A great source of videos and audio from shows and radio appearances
  • The Road to Oranges And Lemons - A hilarious video from the marvelous boys themselves, using toys to chronicle the band's journey from a couple of British punks to the creators of Oranges And Lemons
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