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"You Haven't Done Nothin'"is a funk song by Stevie Wonder. It is on his album Fulfillingness ' First Finale and was in the fall of 1974 by Tamla Records also released assingle . On the b-side was the song "Big Brother", which two years earlier on the album Talking Book appeared. "You Haven't Done Nothin'" on Wonder was accompanied by The Jackson 5 and bassist Reggie McBride. [2]

In the song text from Wonder criticism of Richard Nixon, although that is not mentioned by name. Nixon hit earlier that year embroiled in the Watergate affair and resigned in August 1974 as president of the United States. Both "You Haven't Done Nothin'" as "Talking Book" is about politicians who do not live up to their promises. The single earned a US number one-hit Wonder.[2][3]


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