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Your Favorite Martian is a virtual band created by Ray William Johnson. It was comprised of four members, Puff-Puff, Benatar, Axel and DeeJay. They wrote songs together about all kinds of topics, ranging from toxic relationships to a girl that has exceptionally large breasts.

During their active years from 2011-2012, they were #1 most subscribed music channel on YouTube and had sold over 1.2 million songs on iTunes. Unfortunately, the project was retired in late 2012 after a dispute between Ray and his network, Maker Studios, which led to the cancellation of the band's only album, in which they had been working on for nearly a year.


Virtual members[]

  • Puff Puff Humbert (lead singer)
  • Benatar (guitar)
  • Deejay (DJ)
  • Axel Chains (drums)

Non-virtual members[]

  • Ray William Johnson
  • Jesse Cale


Unreleased albums[]

  • Unreleased YFM Album