Youth of Britain are a satirical rock band from the United Kingdom, who became known for their music videos directed and animated by Joel Veitch and Rob Manuel. They released their first record, Welcome to Britain (EP), in July 2004.

Band members

  • "Fazza" (singer)
  • Ian (drums)
  • Justin (guitar)
  • "Eve'll" (bass)
  • Dan the Man (Button)

Band history

After their first EP release they supported the notorious dance/rock band The Prodigy on their Autumn 2004 tour. This tour saw them playing to audiences of 2,000 people. It also led to them supporting Flint, which is Keith Flint's (Prodigy frontman) side project.

During 2005 they played at the In The City event in Manchester and were able to release a track on the CD that accompanied the event. The track was called Chav and was effectively their second single, getting them airplay on XFM. The track ridicules English YOB's with such lyrics as "Suped up mota, injection turbo, being overtaken by a wheelie bin".

Their live shows are a multimedia event with the band varying from a four piece to a five piece depending on the circumstances. During their support of The Prodigy, the DJ was seen to be having a full wet shave on stage, after he was beaten up by Fazza (the band's lead vocalist). All this action accompanied by their videos on a screen make a spectacular live show from a band that is unsigned. It can be compared with the likes of Mötley Crüe and Guns and Roses for the scale that is achieved.

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